ABOUT Shuttlewise



Shuttlewise wants to develop high quality container-shuttles by rail on strategic European corridors. Aim is to link together parties with common interest in a specific destination where Shuttlewise will be the director and organizer of this new service. Shuttlewise is responsible for a reliable service and decent execution and is taking financial risk on rest-capacity of shuttle.


Shuttlewise always looks with existing or new partners to develop new connections. We determine the logistic concept and the service starts with around 60% volume commitment of the customers. Each service is a stand-alone activity and can have different partners, customer and suppliers. There is a centralized IT system and commercial approach, but a dedicated planning per service.


For each service Shuttlewise is looking for a mixture in partners, volume-customers and spot-customers. Partners do have a strategic interest in the service and therefore they are willing to act as a shareholder where they share profit and loss of that particular service. In return they have a low rate. Volume-customers have a fixed volume per week and in return they receive a good price. Spot-customers do not have any obligations; they book when they have volume.
quires a long term contract.


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