We are proud to announce that as from 02-11-2016 the first train from Duisburg to Melzo will start to run. Duisburg is located strategically in the Ruhr area with his northern connections to; Taulov, Gotenborg, Katrineholm, Nassjo, Amhult, Helsingborg and Malmo. Terminal Melzo is interesting for the northern Italy market as well for the connections to the South like; Genova, Padova, La Spezia, Frosinone, Nola and Bari.

The service between Duisburg and Melzo has with the start-up three departures per week; aim is as from 2017 to grow to 5 roundtrips per week. If you are interested in using this service please send your full request to sales@shuttlewise.nl  or contact our operations team at melzo@shuttlewise.nl.  See also our contact page for more information.