In the first quarter of 2016 Rotterdam’s Shuttlewise, in cooperation with French Novatrans, will commence a regular rail shuttle between Rotterdam and Dourges. The service will initially operate five times a week.


‘We will connect Rotterdam by rail to all of France,’ said Martijn Elbers, General Manager at Shuttlewise. ‘Dourges offers a direct connection to all corners of France via the seven Novatrans shuttles and the Green Modal service to Marseille. For France, we unlock an efficient connection to many short sea and other destinations via Rotterdam.’

The shuttle will carry a very diverse mix of cargo: continental and, most definitely, maritime. Elbers: ‘Now that the PortShuttle is operational, it provides an ideal connection between the deep sea terminals and Rail Center Rotterdam, the terminal for our trains.’

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is delighted with the start of this service. ‘In recent months we have seen the launch and expansion of shuttle services to Southern Germany and Central Europe and now we also have an efficient rail link with France in this Shuttlewise service,” said Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam. ‘A long-cherished wish is now fulfilled.’

‘This new connection with the port of Rotterdam strengthens the role of Delta 3 in Dourges as a multimodal and logistics platform in northern France,’ underlined the President of Delta 3, Christophe Pilch. The Delta 3 terminal in Dourges (including road, maritime and rail) is managed and operated by LDCT. From Dourges there are road and rail connections for containers, tanks and swap bodies with (Southern) France, Spain, Italy, Romania and Turkey.

Shuttlewise already operates three shuttle services to Mortara, near Milan, of which one also connects to Rotterdam. The other two connect to Ghent and Krefeld.

Bron: Havenbedrijf Rotterdam