We are proud that at the annual Rail Congress Martijn Elbers has been elected as rail man of the year 2019 (spoorman van het jaar). It is a great recognition not just for Martijn but for the entire Shuttlewise team for having developed Shuttlewise as a household name in the rail sector.

11 years ago Shuttlewise was founded by Pieter den Hartogh and Rob van Gansewinkel with the purpose of bringing cargo of partners together with spot business and run trains on important European corridors. With six rail connections and over 2,000 departures per year we serve close to 200 customers. Pioneering is part of our DNA. We have developed new routes and unlocked areas that were previously not connected by rail. Our ambition is to continue to develop our network with our partners and to use information technology to improve our service.

We are convinced that there is a bright future for customer focused, innovative rail operators and have invested in further strengthening our organisations to enable us to realise our ambitions.