Intermodal operator Shuttlewise will launch a service from Rotterdam via Venlo to the northern Italian city of Mortara at November 30th. This new container-shuttle will depart from Rotterdam RSC terminal, has a commercial stop at TCT in Venlo and ends at TIMO in Mortara. TIMO is a brand new terminal in the Lombardia region, 20 km south of Novara.

Mortara is an interesting destination on the important corridor Rotterdam – Milan – Genoa. The new terminal (only ready since beginning of November) does not suffer from crowded tracks, lack of slots and waiting cues for drivers.

Another novelty in this service is the extra stop in Venlo. The Venlo region is an important logistic hotspot in the Netherlands but has yet not a direct train-connection to Italy; all containers are brought to Rotterdam, Antwerp, Duisburg or Cologne. Shuttlewise is convinced this new service from Venlo will be highly appreciated.

The service will start with 3 departures per week from both sides on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the regular A-C transit. In the first quarter of 2010 the frequency will be increased to five times per week.

Shuttlewise’ concept is to link parties with a common interest in a specific destination. By bundling the volume of interested parties and the initiative of Shuttlewise to set up this service risks are smaller and realization can be achieved much easier.

There are various ways to book on this new Shuttlewise service. Off course it is possible to book at spot-basis, but the service is also open for volume customers and even for partners.   Partners are paying the lowest rates, but have a volume commitment and share in profit and loss of the exploitation of the shuttle.  Volume-customers are giving a fixed volume commitment in return for an interesting rate and capacity guarantee. Also a combination of above mentioned is possible. Shuttlewise is taking the financial risk of the remaining capacity on that shuttle. Finally Shuttlewise is responsible for the entire commercial and operational exploitation of this service.

Shuttlewise is an initiative of Husa Transportation and Den Hartogh Logistics. They are constantly looking for possibilities to develop new shuttles on strategic European corridors with the aim that the logistic service providers in the Benelux get more grip on quality and price of the maritime and continental flows from and to the Benelux region.

For more information about this new service and the Shuttlewise concept please contact Martijn Elbers ( or visit the website at