Dear relation,

In reference to the decision of the Italian government of last night concerning the restrictions in
entire Italy we can confirm you that nothing has changed compared to last Monday

Terminal open
Our terminal in Mortara will be open in the normal opening hours. It might be possible that due to
illness of people there might occur some longer waiting times by delivery and pick up. But as it looks
now there will be no significant changes. Please follow the instructions at the terminal!

Trains running
Till now the trains are running in the normal way. There are no restrictions for the trains. All trains of
Friday have arrived at the terminal. For the arrival of the remaining trains you will be informed by the
normal communication channels. It is not expected that next week there will be a ban on the trains.

Transport by road allowed
We have been informed by the police that currently there are NO limitations about transport of
goods. Please also check by yourself with your local trucking companies if there are additional

We will keep you informed in case of any changes.

Kind regards
The Shuttlewise team