Containers Services Italy


A daily connection between RSC Rotterdam and our Italian hub-terminal TIMO Mortara (close to Milano). Besides the continental cargo also many opportunities for shortsea because of the direct connections from RSC Rotterdam.


A daily departure from RSC Rotterdam and Maasvlakte to Dourges with ongoing connections to 7 different important destinations in France. This is the first service connecting the port of Rotterdam by rail to entire France.


Five times per week this train departs from Duisburg to TIMO Mortara. Because of the P386 profile also trailers can be transported on this reliable service between the Ruhr-area and the Lombardia region.


A reliable railway service for the transportation of containers and trailers (max. P386) between Duisburg and Melzo with a lot of connections to Scandinavian destinations and strategic Italian corridors.


With a daily connection between Mortara and Gent the network from Milano area to Northern Europe is complete. Thanks to the centralized position of Gent this service is also suitable for cargo from the northern part of France.


As from January 23 intermodal operator Shuttlewise will start a new trainservice between RSC Rotterdam and Antwerpen Mainhub. This service will start with 4 departures per week. Because of the connection with the Portshuttle in Rotterdam and the LORO Shuttle in Antwerp also the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp will be connected.

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Containers Services Italy