This service, started in 2012, is the second rail-connection of Shuttlewise with the purpose to connect the Milano area with Germany, more specific: the Ruhr-area. The service between Krefeld and Mortara has five departures per week and is showing a high quality performance.

Krefeld is located strategically in the centre of the crowded Ruhr area; Mortara is close to Milano where all major logistic activities in Northern Italy take place. On this service we can, besides all types of containers, also run trailers on profile P384.


Visiting Address – The Netherlands

Van Riemsdijkweg 78
3088 HD Rotterdam
Portnumber 2360

T 0031-104286700
M 0031-620618628
F 0031-104286701

Visiting Address - Italy

Via XI Settembre
27036 Mortara